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Study Finds BlueStreak Acceleration Training Superior To Traditional Ground-Based Training

Athletic Republic (BlueStreak, a licensee Athletic Republic) trained college football players and made significantly greater improvement than the age-matched group of college football players who trained using ground-based training. Key results are a 2.5 inch increase in vertical jump and 0.22 second improvement in 40-yard dash times.


Test BlueStreak Training Players

Traditional Ground-based Training Players

Vertical Jump Peak Power (W/Kg) 9.4 (4.4)* 4.5 (2.8)
Vertical Jump (Inches) 2.5 (1.1)* 1.2 (1.3)
Standing Long Jump Peak Power (W/Kg) 10.5 (3.8)* 6.4 (3.1)
10 Yd Dash
(Seconds Reduced)
-0.11 (0.06)* -0.04 (0.03)
20 Yd Dash
(Seconds Reduced)
-0.16 (0.05)* -0.06 (0.04)
40 Yd Dash
(Seconds Reduced)
-0.22 (0.05)* -0.08 (0.05)

*denotes significant difference at the p<0.01 level


This study was conducted by excercise science professor and college football coach, Pete Leno and the training staff at Dickinson State University in partnership with Athletic Republic to test the effectiveness of BlueStreak Acceleration Training versus traditional ground-based training. Both groups completed the same 12 plyometric and 18 strength-training workouts per their assigned program. The only difference between the two programs was the use of Athletic Republic's Super Running Treadmill and SprintCords for the treadmill sprint start work.