Don’t see your sport? No problem! Just contact us, and we'll build a custom program that meets your needs.


Mastering any aquatic sport takes endurance, explosive leg power, and incredible core strength. BlueStreak's programs will help you develop the athletic foundations needed to succeed in swimming, diving, water polo, rowing, or even recreational water sports.



To excel in baseball or softball, athletes need rotational strength, fast twitch power, linear speed and explosive quickness. Our trainers can maximize your potential in all of these areas. Our staff also coaches travel teams and provides baseball skill lessons. In addition, if you are looking to move to the next level, we have helpful contacts with club teams, area high schools, Ivy League teams, other college teams, and professional organizations. 



More than ever, basketball players are assessed based on more than stats. You need to develop your vertical jump, first step quickness, and linear / lateral speed -- our scientific methods can unlock your potential in all these areas. And, our team can work to improve your skills on our full size, regulation basketball court. 


BlueStreak's trainers have a proven record of improving the performance of cross country and track athletes by, among other things, improving stride length and frequency, knee drive, hip position, running efficiency, and arm swing.


BlueStreak's specialized Field Hockey Training Team can not only improve your field-specific skills, but can also maximize your first step quickness, endurance, and strength with our scientifically designed methods and state-of-the-art equipment.


BlueStreak improves figure skater's speed and power on the ice by improving mechanics and building strength, balance, and endurance.  



With several college and pro football veterans on our staff, BlueStreak is uniquely equipped to improve the skills needed to get you to the next level. Our Football Training Team will help you maximize your potential speed, strength, balance, and agility.  



Since the Tiger revolution, the golf world has learned that excellence requires athletic fitness and performance. BlueStreak can help you lower your scores by focusing on your rotational strength and power, range of motion, endurance, and balance.   



BlueStreak is a recognized leader in training hockey athletes, and our programs can get you the ice time and specialized training hockey demands to get to the next level. Among other sport-specific tools at BlueStreak, you'll find a skating treadmill specifically designed to improve your skating mechanics, stride length, and power. Our Hockey Training Team consisting of former collegiate and professional players will not only improve your mechanics, but will also maximize your potential strength, flexibility, explosiveness, and speed.  



BlueStreak has a long track record in working with lacrosse athletes who have gone on to excel in high school and college. We can provide specialized training for each position, and our scientific methods will improve, among other things, your speed, strength, balance, agility, and reaction time.  



BlueStreak's trainers have extensive experience in helping soccer players improve first step quickness, top end speed, balance and coordination. We also can hone your soccer skills and create protocols that reduce your risk of injury during the long season.



BlueStreak trains top elite squash athletes, including many nationally ranked players. Using our scientifically designed methods and sophisticated equipment, our trainers will maximize your lateral quickness, balance, and endurance.  



Having perfectly honed strokes is a starting point, but the best tennis players work relentlessly to improve speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance. BlueStreak has extensive experience in helping tennis players improve in each of these areas -- and in translating those improvements into court performance.   



BlueStreak's trainers have an outstanding record of helping volleyball players improve vertical jump, first step quickness, lateral quickness, and rate of recovery.  



Train like an athlete in our General Fitness Acceleration program. We take training to another level with new and innovative training you won’t find in a traditional health club. Our total body development program will allow you to live a healthier lifestyle, increase your confidence, and make you less prone to injuries. After a comprehensive performance evaluation, a trainer will work with you to customize a program to complement your everyday lifestyle and get you in shape like an athlete. We will help you sculpt a strong, flexible, lean body by incorporating interval cardio with a functional strength program consisting of circuit training, dynamic core strength, and resistance band training.