Rotation is a skill.  A skill that must be worked on and fine tuned.

 BlueStreak Lacrosse Acceleration

BlueStreak is the epicenter for off-season and pre-season lacrosse training in the North East. The Lacrosse Acceleration offers the most flexible scheduling options and will use our patented Speed Treadmills and agility protocols to target specific dodges and cuts needed to master the sport of lacrosse. This specialized equipment will help improve the athlete's running mechanics by increasing power output and foot speed.

Athletes will focus on developing their first step quickness, reaction time, and overall body control through specifically designed drills to enhance their athletic ability on the field. To yield the best results, we recommend training 2-3 days per week for 6 to 8 weeks. This will allow us to progress the athlete through their strength and speed workouts to ensure results and injury prevention.

Lacrosse Acceleration↓ (20 sessions)
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Lacrosse Flex↓ (8 sessions)
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Directly following each 90 minute training session, we offer 30 minute add-ons to complement our Acceleration Program.  If you need quicker feet, better reaction and more explosive movements, these are perfect additions to training.  
SAQ Add-Ons
(Speed, Agility & Quickness)

focus on dry land reaction drills and lower body stability.  
Lacrosse Skill Add-Ons
are for the lacrosse player looking to improve their shooting techniques, dodging, passing drills and applying their newly acquired strength and speed to the field.

*We recommend our SAQ ADD ON for defensive players looking for footwork/reaction**

lax add ons

 5 Lax Skill 5 S.A.Q.
10 Lax Skill 10 S.A.Q.
18 Lax Skill 18 S.A.Q.

If you're having trouble choosing, let our expert trainers help guide you.

Core and Injury Prevention

Strength / Explosion

The Complete Training Program