BlueStreak Cross Country/ Track & Field Acceleration

Whether you’re a marathoner looking to improve your minute-per-mile pace or sprinter striving to knock off hundredths of seconds, The BlueStreak Acceleration program will make you faster. By improving running biomechanics and stride frequency, coupled with learning visually through use of a back mirror, runners will not only get in the best shape of their lives, but they will also see major gains in speed.

With the Acceleration program, the average athlete will see a 2-4 inch increase in vertical jump, a decrease of 0.2 seconds in a 40-yard sprint, 33% improvement in foot speed, and a 50% reduction in recovery rates.  The training should take about six to eight weeks to complete and best results are seen if you train 2-3 days a week over that period of time. 


Cross Country Acceleration or Track & Field Acceleration↓

HQ Cross Country Acceleration  HQ Track & Field Acceleration  
CP Cross Country Acceleration CP Track & Field Acceleration   


Cross Country Flex or Track & Field Flex↓

HQ Cross Country Flex HQ Track & Field Flex
CP Cross Country Flex CP Track & Field Flex


Directly following each 90 minute training session, we offer 30 minute add-ons to complement our Acceleration Program. If you need quicker feet, better reaction and more explosive movements, these are perfect additions to training.
SAQ Add-Ons (Speed, Agility & Quickness)
focus on dry land reaction drills and lower body stability.

Program Components:

  • Improve running biomechanics
  • Increase explosive power
  • Increase stride length and stride frequency
  • Increase maximum sprint speed
  • Increase anaerobic tolerance
  • Improve foot speed and agility training
  • Enhance posture and body positioning
  • Improve overall strength to reduce the risk of injuries