Saturday 7/21 & 7/28

Somebody Has To Do It Saturday 




Spider lunge (open book) 12x 

Cross V up 20x 

Squat Stand 12x

Moonshiner Combo 12x 




3 Rounds

Bike 20cal- 2x Stair run 



WOD: 25 min (Burpee every 5 mins) 

8x Cleans 

5x pull ups 

12x BB slams 

6x box jumps


Are You Maximizing Your Explosive Power?

A plyometric motion is defined as a quick, explosive eccentric and concentric contraction of a given muscle. For example, when an athlete jumps, the plyometric motion includes an eccentric (stretching) contraction of the athletes gastrocnemius (calf), a quick amortization phase (time of stretch to concentric contraction), and a rapid concentric contraction. The time it takes to go through this entire stretch shortening cycle, is called ground contact time. Read More


Strength Training & Hockey: How to Increase Your Speed!

Regardless of the sport that you play, strength, speed and power are variables that should be included in any well rounded training regimen. For today’s article, the focus will be on strength and power training, and the role it plays in developing skating speed for hockey athletes. Read More


Importance of Hamstring Strength

The Importance of Hamstring Strength for Sprinting. When you think of sprinting, the only time hamstrings really come to mind are when you feel tight or feel a strain/injury occur. However, hamstring strength is crucial to not only preventing injury, but improving speed as well. Read More


Importance of Training Frequency

Have you ever heard the sayings, “If you want to be good at something, do it every day”, or “Less is more”? These are two contradictory ideas, right? What if I told you both were right? Read More


Benefits of Incline Treadmill Training

There is an ongoing debate regarding the benefit and practicality of training on incline treadmills for the purpose of speed development for running or skating. This is highly debated due to the belief of the treadmill doing the work for you. Read More