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Rotation is a part of almost every sport out there and strengthening those core movements will be beneficial to all athletes from tennis to hockey players. Today’s post will focus on the performance increase in relation to training rotational strength patterns. During any rotational strength pattern or sport activity, it’s important to note that your core is responsible for a large amount of the workload. Understanding this as you train hip and shoulder rotation is a key factor when it comes to applying those movements to real game scenarios such as; trunk stability, speed shots, and even when defending yourself from a hit or checks.


There are hundreds of ways to approach training your core for strong rotational movements and a great way to become more explosive in those muscle patterns is to integrate a medicine ball during your workout. Medicine balls come in a variety of weights and materials and they should regularly be incorporated into your training regimen. While training, an athlete should be mindful of their Range of Motion or ‘ROM’ to get the maximum benefits of the exercise being performed. To develop strength and power, an athlete should be training FULL ROM from beginning to end of the rotational patterns.

In an article published by Strength and Conditioning Journal, it is states that the use of a medicine ball and its added resistance will help increase force and explosiveness in sport specific movements at greater velocities. To gain higher power outputs on the force- velocity continuum, you must train within your sport – specific high velocity power movements. The added resistance from medicine ball workouts will help reiterate proper angles and allow your body to reach full ROM while adding the resistance. Note: there are various ways to train movements and to receive maximum benefits you should focus on all the different angles and their full ROM.  For example, lacrosse requires the athlete to be efficient in shooting with your right, and left hand as well as, overhead, sidearm and underhand therefore, training all of these angles will create a more developed ad stronger athlete.


Strengthening your core through rotational exercises is a major factor for greater on-field performance. Medicine balls are an effective and efficient tool to increase your power and velocity both on and off the field. Since each sport varies on rotational movements, BlueStreak Sports Training offers customized strength and conditioning packages for athletes to reach their optimal potential. Don’t settle for good, BE GREAT!

 – Dave Robbins
Facility Director at BlueStreak Headquarters
Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition


Danny O’Connell
Athletic Republic level 1 & 2, American Red Cross First Aid/CPR

**Earp, Jacob E MA, CSCS1; Kraemer, William J PhD, CSCS*D, FNSCA2 Strength & Conditioning Journal: August 2010 - Volume 32 - Issue 4 - pp 20-25 doi: 10.1519/SSC.0b013e3181e92911